[INFOGRAPHIC] The ADDIE Model: A Visual Representation

I have created a graphical representation of the ADDIE model. ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation & Evaluation) is the methodology used by the majority of instructional designers for training development. There may be some debate as to whether certain tasks belong in the design or development phase. Also, certain tasks may have been omitted due to space constraints. I tried to focus on the most important aspects of each phase.

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14 Comments on “[INFOGRAPHIC] The ADDIE Model: A Visual Representation”

  1. Gavin says:


    I’ve heard of Addie before – it seems to be very widely used in trainerdom. Have you ever come across EDIP (Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation, Practice). I came across it a long time ago in the army, and it seemed very practical and straightforward. We think about it when developing programs for clients, and I find it useful.

  2. Thank you. I like it.
    Can I use iADDIE as a fine example and a possible prototype of infographics?

  3. bryce says:

    Well done Nicole! Can you tell me the name of the font(s) you used? Thanks.

  4. Andrew says:

    Another great infographic for training purposes. I like the way this style allows you to condense the material down to only what you need. The graphics and positioning of the mattieral makes the learning experience that much better.

  5. thanks this is useful I have reblogged!

  6. taufiksan says:

    I found this article really interesting, because i’ve already applied ADDIE model when i developed TOT (Training Of Teacher). But, i have some different sub-step in every domain you explained, so this will be a good idea for my concept of ADDIE.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. [...] by Nicole Legault, I created an infographic to describe my role. I could use it to demonstrate my design skills, as [...]

  8. Hi Nicole,
    I followed you from Linkedin, to Jasmine’s blog, to here. This is awesome!!! These formats would make excellent training guides – so attractive and easily to follow. I’m going to keep this in mind when the next opportunity arises. So you’ve inspired me too!

  9. Have “pinned” this to my pinterest page, with your link.

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