15+ eLearning Storyboard Templates

If you have to create a storyboard for an e-learning course you’re working on, odds are you’ve come to the web to browse around and get ideas on what you want to include in it. To make that easier for you I’ve compiled a gallery of 15+ e-learning storyboard templates and samples available on the web. Hopefully going over these examples will help you narrow down what you should include in your own storyboard document.











Got any tips of your own about storyboarding for e-learning? Please feel free to leave a comment!

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23 Comments on “15+ eLearning Storyboard Templates”

  1. Nivia says:

    Great examples and ideas. Thank you.

  2. Ezra says:

    good examples Thank you very much.

  3. Abdullah says:

    Thanks a lot Nicole for such a great effort, you keep up the excellent work, and we will continue enjoying it, and for sure applying it.

  4. Do you have a downloadable link?

    • Nicole Legault says:

      The post is intended more just to inspire people as to different ways an elearning storyboard can look and what they can include in it. That being said, no there is no downloadable link because these are just screenshots of samples and templates that are available online. Storyboards #8,9,10, 15 I created myself in PowerPoint so those I can send them you by email if you’re interested in using them (Although they are basically just text boxes on a PowerPoint slide so not too difficult to recreate)

      • Lynn Cermak says:

        Hi Nicole, I just found your blog and would appreciate it if I too could have a copy of your templates. It would save me a lot of work. I am glad that you are willing to share. Thank you so much.

      • Nan Schultz says:

        If you are still willing to share PowerPoint storyboarding templates, I would very much appreciate copies of them. And not to kiss up too much, but this is a REALLY useful blog. Thanks!

      • Nicole Legault says:

        Thanks Nan! I am SO glad you find it useful/ However, I don’t actually have all the PPT templates they are mostly just screen grabs of examples/templates I have found online. Luckily, you can easily recreate aqny of these in PowerPoint just using boxes (square/rectangle shapes) and text boxes! :)

  5. Cynthia Gould says:

    Thanks for this ‘library’, Nicole. I believe that there are almost as many variations on a theme as there are instructional designers.The one thing that remains constant is that it’s advisable to run ones storyboard design/s past the developers!

  6. Connie Malamed has a great collection of storyboard templates available for download on her site. You might want to check out her list for more inspiration. It’s nice to have the visual comparison here, even if they aren’t downloadable.


  7. [...] 15+ eLearning Storyboard Templates « Flirting w/ eLearning [...]

  8. [...] 15+ eLearning Storyboard Templates « Flirting w/ eLearning [...]

  9. Josiah Lin says:

    Super cant wait to read more from you as alwayssolid information Thank you! bookmarked!

  10. Antoaneta says:

    great . thank you.saved us hours of searching

  11. [...] If you have to create a storyboard for an e-learning course you’re working on, odds are you’ve come to the web to browse around and get ideas on what you want to include in it. To make…  [...]

  12. [...] In most cases, choices about how to go about storyboarding are a combination of designer preferences and stakeholder needs. Examples of several storyboard types can be found at http://flirtingwelearning.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/15-elearning-storyboard-templates/ [...]

  13. Abdurrahman says:

    it was very helpful
    thank you so much :)

  14. eLearningArt says:


    Thanks for posting these examples. Most of the courses that I design are scenario-based, often with characters. When I’m trying to mock up a course design, I usually use PowerPoint with some character silhouettes, buttons, etc so I can do quick mock-ups. I did a blog post about it here and also include a link to a free download:


    Feel free to use the template and the assets in it however you like. I hope you find it useful!


  15. Hi Nicole, awesome post. It maybe useful for your readers the following article Ultimate List of Free Storyboard Templates for eLearning: http://elearningindustry.com/subjects/free-elearning-resources/item/368-free-storyboard-templates-for-elearning

  16. Nithya says:

    I think this post is very useful for all IDs. Typically, an elearning company would use its customized template, I would visit this site to check out anything new that I could use! Thanks!

  17. […] Storyboarding is something that I found very challenging when I first started developing e-Learning courses.  Then I came across this blog post by Nicole Legault which shows more than 15 examples of different storyboard formats. […]

  18. Hi, Nicole: (Daniel here, from the Articulate forum). Thought you and readers interested in Storyboarding) might like to know that my Instructional Design Essentials: Storyboarding” is now live on lynda.com.

    See http://www.lynda.com/PowerPoint-tutorials/Instructional-Design-Essentials-Storyboarding/160064-2.html

    You’ll notice that I credit you and this post toward the end of the course. Thanks for putting this together. –Daniel

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