Adobe Captivate: Simple, Clean eLearning Design

As of late, I have been feeling a “need” to be creative and unleash some of my artistic skills. As such, I’ve been on a roll and producing tons of graphic designs for my blog over the last few days. It’s great to have this blog as an outlet for my energy and to share my artwork. I really appreciate the support everyone’s been showing. So, I just created a few random eLearning slides in Adobe Captivate just for fun! I also use these designs in my portfolio, and might use them as templates in future projects if the opportunity arises. Mostly, just for fun though!  Just a few random comments about what went into the design:

  • I really like using rectangles with rounded corners. I feel like it really “softens” the design, as opposed to really sharp and angular rectangle edges. I’ve noticed I use them a lot!
  • I started out with the photo of the business woman with the headset, and then picked up the light blue background colour from her shirt using the “Eyedropper” tool in the Captivate colour pane. So that’s how I picked my colour scheme. I decided to just go 2 colours, light blue and white.
  • I love using photos with white backgrounds, or cutting out the background altogether (as I did with the headset woman). I find it looks clean and less cluttery that having photos with busy backgrounds.
  • In a regular project, I would remove the duration/minutes showing at the bottom of the Table of Contents using a widget I found online. Very handy if you don’t want users to see the duration.
  • The “decorative” font is called Dear Joe and the body text font is Calibri. 
  • For the “Incorrect/Correct” slides, I did a copy/paste of the question slide, and then put a gray rectangle with medium transperancy over top. Then I added the “Correct” and “Incorrect” bubbles over top. I like the faded out background effect, although I think I should have made the transperancy level a bit darker. The woman shows through too much.
  • I don’t really like how the Captivate TOC says “Slide Title”. I have looked into ways to remove it but have not been succesful as of yet. If anyone knows how, let me know!
  • Now that it’s done and I look at the screenshots, I think I would go back and make the Playbar at the bottom an “overlay”. As such, I would have to edit the slides and move everything upwards, so the playbar doesn’t cover anything. But I think it would look better, and would look more balance, as opposed to the playbar hanging off the bottom right now on its own. Not a big deal though.

Feel free to leave feedback and comments.


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5 Comments on “Adobe Captivate: Simple, Clean eLearning Design”

  1. MDD says:


    Really like the simple and clean look and feel. Personally, I think simpler is better in most cases and we live in such a cluttered world anyway. Why add more clutter?

    Good Job.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. I agree with previous comment. Simplicity is perfect Italian’s says and I agree. Not only simple can be beautiful but also easy to understand and use for most of the people. Many experts and instructors do not know importance of simplicity. I know many people who works 10 or more years on computer at his jobs and do not know how to change search provider for example. How to expect from these people to follow and use new technologies, layouts and other possibilities new technology has to offer.

  3. rae_jay says:

    I support the comments above – love this clean look. The shade of blue is a good choice – very easy on the eye. I really like the decorative font as well. Very nicely done!

  4. Mylene says:

    You can change the words in the TOC like Slide Titles, Duration, etc., you have to create a file TOCStrings.ini (in Notepad) and save the file in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 5. Follow the instructions of this site:

    Image 1. Default TOC

    Image 1 shows the default captions in TOC that Adobe Captivate creates. Captivate allows us to change the captions in TOC so that the TOC can look like the example shown in Image 2.

    Image 2. TOC with changed captions

    Now let’s see how we can do it.

    Well actually it is very simple. Just create a text file with the following text in it.



    SlideTitle=Module Name



    MoreInfo=My Info


    ClearToolTip=Wipe State


    NoSearch=String not found



    and save the .ini file in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 5
    Follow instructions of this site :

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